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1-on-1 Lessons

Level 1 Instructor has been instructing or coaching for 20+ Years

Level 2 Instructor has been instructing or coaching for 5-15 years

Level 3: Instructor has been instructing or coaching for 2-5 years


Lesson Package
1 - 1/2 hr
5 - 1/2 hr
10 - 1/2 hr
20 - 1/2 hr
40 - 1/2 hr
Level 1 Level 2
$65 $50
$275 $200
$450 $350
$800 $600
$1400 Not offered
Level 3
Not offered
Not offered







Cage Rental

Iron Mike machines (25 mph - 70 mph)  & pitching tunnels

1/2 hr     $15
1 hr        $25


Virtual Machine

Virtual Pitcher that throws 40 - 100 mph, Fastballs, Curveballs, Sliders ETC

1/2 hr      $25
1 hr         $40


Arena Rental

1/2 hr      $60
1 hr         $100


Off-Season Team Training -

For the Team training Ultimate Sports Staff will give some pointers on hitting during the hour.  The team will have use of the full arena, which is divided into 2 cages, 70 ft. by 20 ft. wide, 20 ft. height .  They will be using the (2 ) Virtual pitching machines - A righty pitcher and a lefty pitcher.  Both machines throw  TRUE live hitting and go from speeds of 40 mph to 100- along with curveball, sliders, changeups and sinkers.

The team will also use the bat speed cage , which will tell you the players BBS speed Ball , Batted, Speed like hit velocity on TV.   Email: staff@ultimatesportsandtraining.com to set up your team
Note: We are known as an added value facility for all players/teams; we are not affiliated with any teams and remain neutral.  We can customize any workout for any players/team. We are all about
 training and getting players to the next level



Ultimate Sports is a state of the art facility with top of the line pitching machines. We have 3 virtual pitching machines that can throw fastball, change-up, curveball, and sinker. The machines display a pitcher that simulates throwing on the screen then throws the pitch in real life. Ultimate Sports is one of the top facilities in the state.  Watch Virtual Pitching Machine Click Here

"The "ALLSTAR ACE 5000" is far and away the best baseball training tool on the market. It provides my clients with the greatest stimulus for improvement - the ability to train against "live" pitching. The video is always matched with the release of the pitch and amazingly, the speed of the pitch is always matched to the arm speed of the pitcher. This system surpasses anything I have seen or utilized during my 16 years of research, coaching, and analysis." - Paul Cambra