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Check out the Number 1 batting cage set up in CT- The Virtual Machine in the arena

 Check out the video Click Here

Check out HR Derby by Paul Cambra 2016 - 20 Swings/ 17 Hrs Click Here 



All Clinics and Paul's Lessons are done in the Arena (Very large Batting cage/Arena) 40 Ft Wide, 65 Ft Long 20 FT High Ceiling)  You can actually see how the ball comes off the bat. Best Batting Cage Setup around in CT.  The Virtual Machine is the closest thing to live hitting.  True Live hitting off virtual machine goes, 40 - 95 mph - Throws Fastballs, Curveballs, Sliders, Sinkers, Change up from righty and lefty pitchers.  Machine can throw random pitches just like a game along with seeing a visual pitcher on the screen (Righty or Lefty).



Specialize Clinics - Bat Speed, Pitching School, Consistent Hitting , Fielding Clinics -TBA


Overall Clinic 15  Weeks - $315

Starts in Nov 2017 - 15 yrs straight

Age Day Start Date Time Spots left  
5-6 Fri Dec 22nd 4-5 P.M 3 Register Here
7-8 Fri Sold Out 5-6 P.M Sold Out Register Here
7-8 Mon Sold Out 5-6 P.M Sold Out Sold Out
7-8 Tues Dec 12th 6-7 P.M 7 Register Here
9-10 Tues Dec 12th 6-7 P.M 7 Register Here
9-10 Mon Sold Out 5-6 P.M Sold Out Sold out
11-12 Fri Dec 22nd 7-8 P.M 3 Register Here


Hitting Clinic 15 Weeks  - $315

Starts in Nov 2017 - 15 yrs straight

Age Day Start Date Time Spots left  
6-8 Mon Dec 11th 6-7 P.M 2 Register Here
9-10 Mon Dec 11th 6-7 P.M 5 Register Here
9-10 Weds Dec 20th 6-7 P.M 6 Register Here
11-12 Mon Dec 11th 7-8 P.M 2 Register Here
11-12 Weds Dec 20th 7-8 P.M 5 Register Here
13-16 Mon Dec 11th 8-9 P.M 5 Register Here
13-16 Weds Dec 20th 8-9 P.M 5 Register Here



Pitching School (4 Weeks) & Throwing Speed Workout -  - 4 week Program -Nov 2017


This clinic aims to teach proper throwing techniques and the fundamentals of pitching, while improving velocity and control. There will be a maximum of 8 kids for this program and everybody will be tested on the radar gun

Goals: Throw farther, Throw Safer, Develop Throwing Specific Strength, Reduce Recovery Time                                                                                              Mechanical Enhancements:  Postural Efficiency, Arm Action Efficiency, Scapular Load Efficiency, Separation, Torque Efficiency

Our primary goal is to increase velocity through a combination of speed and strength specific to the throwing motion

Starts: Nov 2nd  ( 4 Week Program, $75, Thurs  Nov, 2, 9, 16 (No23), 29th

Nov - Sold Out

Age Day Spots Left Time  Link
9 - 12 Thurs 5 6-7 P.M Register Here


Dec Programs ( 3 Week Program (Dec 7th, 14th, 21st) - $65

Age Day Spots Left Time  Link
9 - 12 Thurs 5 6-7 P.M Register Here


Jan  2018  (4 Weeks Jan 2017 – Jan 4,11,18,25)                                                      

Age Day Spots Left Time  Link
9 - 12 Thurs 5 6-7 P.M Register Here





Example of Consistent Hitting Data Chart (Below is Excel)


Data for hitters



Baseball the way it's supposed to be


This will be a 5 day comprehensive baseball training program designed specifically by age group and will stress the fundamentals of fielding, throwing, hitting, and game strategy.  The participants will be taught by the expert staff of Ultimate Sports.  Each client will be tested on how hard they throw, the speed at which they hit a ball (BBS), and will be educated in how to increase both their arm strength and BBS.  We also do an evaluation on every client.


Time:              9-12 P.M


Location:        Ultimate Sports (Mon, Weds, Fri) working on Skill work

                        In the summer Tuesdays & Thursdays are at McNamara Field in Cheshire. (Working on live games, outfield , base-running and more)


Notes:             Each participant is required to bring their own snack.

                        Any session less than 5 days will be prorated.


Ages:               5 -12 / Breakdown Age Groups (5-7) (8-10) (11-12)  


Summer Baseball Clinic

Multiple Week Discounts


Number of Sessions






Cost per Session







Schedule for Summer 2017-


Week # Start Date Register Here Spots Left
1 June 26 Sold out 0
2 July 10 Sold Out 0
3 July 24 Register Here 2
4 Aug 7 Sold out 0
5 Aug 21 Register Here 3

Email us any Questions: staff@ultimatesportsandtraining.com

Note: Extended Hours for Summer Camp  - Mon, Weds, Fri - 12:30 - 2

SAS (Speed, Agility and Strength ) returns for the summer break.  We will be doing SAS Special for 3 days a week.  Mon, Weds and Friday from 12:30 – 2:00-  The SAS class will be the week of the summer camps and run after the camps.  We are doing a $50 special for the 1st 10 Sign ups. Ages 7-13

$50 Special -


Mon, Weds, Fri 12:30 - 2:00

Week # Start Date Spots Left
1 June 26,28th,30th Register Here 3
2 July 10th,12th,14 Register Here 3
3 July 24th,26th,28th Register Here 3
4 Aug 7th,9th,11th Register Here 3
5 Aug 21st,23,25th Register Here 3






Consistent Hitting Clinic  4 weeks  -Cost $75 - TBA

I wanted to introduce you all to a new Specialized Clinic that Paul Cambra has developed.  This clinic called Consistent Hitting will focus on hitting consistency and having a game plan for each pitch (Hitting Approach).  Paul trained many college players over this past summer to prove how this consistent hitting programs works. Each player will take rounds of 25 swings (5 swings per round), where each swing is rated from 1-10 (entered into a computer program that will analyze the data).   Players will learn how to rate a hard hit (1-10).  They will realize how important each swing is and how to be more consistent.  This clinic will get them true results in a game because it’s off TRUE LIVE Pitching (Virtual Machine). Each week they will see set goals and see their progress.  There is also a comparative chart to see where each player is at for his age level

Age Day Spots Left Time




Week of June 25th 2016 Camp