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Single Membership or Family membership (12 Months – Either Monthly or Pay in Full)

Membership Includes: 1 Year

·         2 Customized Workouts with our trainers for age & sports specific -  Pitching, Hitting, Strength, Speed & Agility – Your choice

·         1 (4 Week) SAS program – pick a month

·         Unlimited Use of the SAS room – Includes, Ropes, Ladder work, tire Flips, Plyo boxes

·         Unlimited Use of Cardio Machines

·         Unlimited Use of Unlimited Use of the Workout Room (Free Weights and Machines) – after your receive a workout from our trainers – Note: Ages 12 & Older

·         Unlimited Use of the Baseball Cages upstairs – Throwing, Soft-toss, Iron Mike Machine, BBS and radar Gun (this will be during certain hours)

·         Ultimate Sports T-Shirt and key card for scanning in


Set your goals, whether you want to increase arm strength, bat speed, etc., Ultimate Sports will help you get there.  We feel this is the best Sports Specific Membership available.  Call or stop by at your convenience to discuss.

Individual membership - Month to month - $25 per month or $150 for the whole year-

IIndividual Monthly: $25 a month  Click Here


        Individual (Pay in Full) - $250 whole year (saving $50) Click Here



Family Membership - Month to Month - $35 or $350 (Parents can work out as they wait)


Family Monthly: $35 a month     Click Here


Family (Pay in Full) - $350 whole year (Savings $70)      Click Here