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We will do a special for the 1st 10 Sign ups. It will be 5 (30 Min) one on One lesson for Only $99. The best special ever. Click register and sign up: After you sign up, we will email you our Instructors schedules. Ultimate’s Instructors will work with the clients to help them complete their game in skills and strength.  The program is an age specific customized workout in which you set up a one on one basis.


Goals:  Velocity, Power, Speed, Agility, Core, Quickness, Strength, etc.

Strength Training:  Core Training, sports specific training, Speed and Agility



A lot of athletes are only focused on the sport skills and are lacking in speed and strength.  Strength Training, (Complete your Game) will allow you to sharpen your skills along with getting stronger and more athletic. Ultimate Sports Speed and Strength Program get the most out of its athletes. Power, Speed and Agility are just some of the components we focus on during this off-field program. The results that our athletes have shown in the training facility directly effects their performance on the athletic field. It is very apparent that those athletes who spend time honing their skills at Ultimate Sports reap the benefits on the field.


(SAS) Speed and Agility / Strength & Conditioning  (summer 2017)


Note: Extended Hours for Summer Camp  - Mon, Weds, Fri - 12:30 - 2

SAS (Speed, Agility and Strength ) returns for the summer break.  We will be doing SAS Special for 3 days a week.  Mon, Weds and Friday from 12:30 – 2:00-  The SAS class will be the week of the summer camps and run after the camps.  We are doing a $50 special for the 1st 10 Sign ups. Ages 7-13

Summer 2017

Weeks of SAS – after baseball camp  - Mon, Weds , Fri  12:30 – 2:00 – Ages 7 – 13 – Only $50

Week1) June 26, 28th, 30th // Week 2) July 10th, 12th,14 //  Week 3) July 24th, 26th, 28th  // Week 4 ) Aug 7th, 9th, 11th //  Week 5) Aug 21st, 23rd,25th

$50 Special -  PER WEEK


Mon, Weds, Fri 12:30 - 2:00

Week # Start Date Spots Left
1 June 26,28th,30th Register Here 3
2 July 10th,12th,14 Register Here 3
3 July 24th,26th,28th Register Here 3
4 Aug 7th,9th,11th Register Here 3
5 Aug 21st,23,25th Register Here 3


Fall 2017 - Sept specials SAS - $60 for 4 weeks

Ages Day Time Start Date Sign up
8-13 Tues 7-8 P.M Sept 5th Register Here
8-13 Thurs 5-6 P.M Sept 7th Register Here


March 2017 - SAS - Newest Layout - Up to 3 days a Week (12 Visits a month , options)

Layout for March (Tues, Weds, Thurs)

Options so you can design your own schedule at your convenience

1 day a week is $60 per month (4 Visits)

2 days a week is $85 per month (8 Visits)

3 days a week is $100 per month Special (12 Visits)

March 2017 - 1 day a week (4 visits a month) $60 per month

Ages Day Time Start Date Sign up
7-13 Tues 5-6 P.M March 7th Register Here
7-13 Weds 5-6 P.M March 1st  Register Here
7-13 Thurs 6-7 P.M March 2nd Register Here


Specials for Multiple Days

Note: During the online signup, in the comments part – put what days are good for you (Tues, Weds, Thurs – pick 2 days)

2 day a week Special: (8 visits per month) - $85                                              Register Here

3 day a week Special: ( 12 visits per month) - $100                                           Register Here


  April 2017

4 Week Program - Special $60 (4 Visits) 1st week in April

Age Day Spots Left Time
7-13 Tues  (Starts April 4) 5 5-6 P.M Register Here


Age Day Spots Left Time
7-13 Thurs (Starts April  6 5 6-7 P.M Register Here

May 2017
Age Day Spots Left Time
7-13 Tues (May 2nd) 8 5-6 P.M  Register Here
Age Day Spots Left Time  
7-13 Tues (May 4th) 8 6-7 P.M  Register Here

Feb 2017
Age Day Spots Left Time
7-13 Tues Feb 7th 10 5-6 P.M Register Here
Age Day Spots Left Time
7-13 Thurs  Feb 2nd 10 6-7 P.M Register Here
Age Day Spots Left Time
7-13 Tues Feb 7th 10 5-6 P.M Register Here
Age Day Spots Left Time
7-13 Thurs  Feb 2nd 10 6-7 P.M Register Here



New GYM 2016 SAS








Older Ropes Rope Climb






Format: The class will be under the supervision of our strength coaches Kevin and Nick.  The training will be sports age specific as well. We are in the process of doing one on one lessons  and 4 clients (group classes).  We working with teams to train their players, 4 players at a time.  If you are interested in having your team work with our trainers, we will design a customize workout for them. Age and Sports specific. (4 Player Teams)


Please get back to us if you are interested in one on one / team training or 4 friends to work out together.  Most programs go either 4, 8, or 12 weeks



Nick Misiti

Nick Misiti is our baseball instructor/strength coach  who also helps out with our baseball clinics and camps,  He is currently attending Southern Connecticut State University, majoring in exercise Science. He is  pursuing a degree in Physical Education with a minor in School Health and will graduate 2016.  He is currently pursuing his personal trainer certificate by NASM . Nick played AAU baseball for 5 years for the CT Dirt Dogs as a pitcher and first baseman.


SAS Programs