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Ultimate's Instructors will work with the clients to help them complete their game in skills and strength.  The program is an age specific customized workout in which you set up a one on one basis.  We customize workout's for each individual clients


Goals:  Velocity, Power, Speed, Agility, Core, Quickness, Strength, etc.

Strength Training:  Core Training, sports specific training, Speed and Agility



A lot of athletes are only focused on the sport skills and are lacking in speed and strength.  Strength Training, (Complete your Game) will allow you to sharpen your skills along with getting stronger and more athletic. Ultimate Sports Speed and Strength Program get the most out of its athletes. Power, Speed and Agility are just some of the components we focus on during this off-field program. The results that our athletes have shown in the training facility directly effects their performance on the athletic field. It is very apparent that those athletes who spend time honing their skills at Ultimate Sports reap the benefits on the field.



Fall 2017 - Sept specials SAS - $60 for 4 weeks

November 2017

Ages Day Time Start Date Sign up
8-13 Tues 7-8 P.M Nov 7th Register Here
8-13 Thurs 7-8 P.M . Nov 2nd Register Here

Special - both days $100 for the 8 Classes -  Click Here to register


Dec 2017 ( 3 Weeks)  - $60

Ages Day Time Start Date Sign up
8-13 Tues 7-8 P.M Dec 5th Register Here
8-13 Thurs 7-8 P.M . Dec 7th Register Here



Full Body Workout with Paul Cambra and Machines (3 Weeks)  Dec 5th, 12th, 19th  ($50)

Ages Day Time Start Date Sign up
11-14 Tues 5-6 P.M Dec 5th Register Here


Full Body Circuit

Circuit training with machines holds value for lifters of all skill levels. When you’re just starting out, these machines help to build the mind-muscle connection necessary to prosper with free weight variations. And since most of your early gains are neurological – not physiological – it’s good to make. For beginners and those looking to start training again after a break, circuit training is especially effective. The use of machines allows you to work through a predetermined range of motion and the exercise order allows for optimum muscle recovery. The 15-rep range helps to build muscular endurance while allowing newer lifters to develop some muscle memory with these basic movement patterns.






Older Ropes Rope Climb





Dillon Ryan:

Dillion is one of our hitting/pitching instructors and also helps out with the clinics.  He recently played Professional baseball for  the Pecos League

 High School  Whittier Tech High School (Haverhill MA)

Started All 4 Years (Main position Pitcher, 1B)

Career batting avg .365,  6 Hrs.

All 4 Years All Conference

Junior, Senior Year League MVP


Dean College  Community College (2 years)

First team all-conference  2013 Region 21

Freshman, Sophomore  (Pitching record 22-6 ERA 2.5 (Mph 92)

Scholarship to Umass Lowell


2014 Pecos Pro ball league (Bisbee)

All-Star  Record 7-3 (Era 3.22)

74 innings pitched / 68 Strikeouts / 1.765 Whip

Clocked at 97 mph


Professional tryouts with White soxs and Reds



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